Yoenis Cespedes’ grand slam caps off Mets’ 12-run inning against Giants

Yoenis Cespedes' grand slam caps off Mets' 12-run inning against Giants

X WATCH & READ MLB Power Rankings: 4/27 1:59 Loading There were times in the first half last season when it seemed like the Mets would struggle score 12 runs in a week. On Friday night, the Mets scored 12 runs in one inning against the Giants . The inning: the third. The pitchers: Jake Peavy and Mike Broadway . The hitters: well, everyone. Here’s the play-by-play : The Mets managed to bat around before making their first out in that inning. Wowza. I’m not sure there’s a better or more appropriate way to cap off a 12-run inning […]

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